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Infinity Psilo Cosmic Blend Bundle

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Can’t decide? We’d never make you. Unite the cosmos with our Milk and Dark Chocolate Cosmic Blend Bundle.Perfect for those who crave variety and adventure, this bundle offers a tantalizing journey through the full spectrum of cosmic flavors, ensuring that every taste bud finds its bliss.

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Savor the Universe

Prepare your palate for a taste so extraordinary, it transcends earthly comparisons. Crafted from the finest organic cacao and infused with the magic of mushrooms, our chocolate is not merely consumed—it's experienced.

Microdose – Under 500mg

Embark on your daily routine with a microdose–a minimal, sub-perceptual amount designed to integrate seamlessly into your day. It’s aimed at enhancing creativity, focus, and emotional balance. Pair with coffee and that to-do list stands no chance! 

Half Dose – 500mg to 1g

This dose offers a light, enjoyable experience, with a slight body high and feelings of happiness. Ideal for those starting out on their path of discovery, or for those with lower tolerances. You may begin to see the world with a hint of newfound wonder.

Full Dose – 1g to 2g

At this level, expect to fully feel the effects, including a noticeable body high and the beginning of visual changes, such as objects

seeming to sway and the appearance of patterns. It enhances sensory experiences significantly.

Deep Dose – 2g to 3g

Dive deeper into the depths of self-exploration. This dosage marks a significant step up, leading to a deep sense of connection with the environment and people around you. Visual and auditory experiences become more intense, and you may encounter new ways of thinking.

Heroic Dose – 3g+

Doses over 3 grams are intense and should be approached with caution, ideally under supervision and with specific intentions in mind. This is for those with experience exploring the cosmos, seeking profound insights or major shifts in perspective. 

Although there are different microdosing schedules to try, a common routine is to microdose four days on and three days off. 

Regardless of the schedule you pick, it’s important to take a break! Taking it too frequently can cause your body to build a tolerance and will lower its efficacy.

  • 1 x Milk Chocolate Cosmic Blend 
  • 1 x Dark Chocolate Cosmic Blend

Key Benefits

Microdosing has been shown to effectively balance mood, enhance morning energy levels, and improve focus by fostering new neural connections.


Clear brain fog for peak mental performance. Psilocybin builds neural pathways, making it possible for parts of the brain that weren't connected, to speak with each other.s it.


Experience a natural surge of vitality, without the jitters. Studies show small amounts of psilocybin can actually increase energy levels similar to a 'cup of coffee in the morning'.


Indulge in a treat that melts away stress and balances your mood. Studies find that people who microdose psilocybin, improve their symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

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    Festival Must-Haves

    I tried them before and it was a good trip and these are perfect and it arrived on time!

    May 18, 2024
    Verified Review

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    That ego death hit hard. IT WAS LIKE TAKE DAT! Take DAT! ATE THAT WHOLE CHOCOLATE BAR!

    April 18, 2024
    Verified Review

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    Best chocolate shrooms in the market!

    March 18, 2024
    Verified Review

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    Max M.

    can’t event taste the shr0Om at all but it hits and feels great especially when I need a rest

    March 3, 2024
    Verified Review

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